Save Our Forest Arboretum
R 1,150,500*
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*Includes R 1,148,250 raised off platform.
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Huis Horison

The Municipality entrusted us with the conservation, management, and development of the 3 Ha area under the dam next to Huis Horison's grounds. A responsibility that we embrace with enthusiasm and gratitude.

The piece of land in question is classified by Cape Nature as a "Watercourse" and is of critical importance for supporting the functioning of Protected Areas and Critical Biodiversity Areas. The objective with such areas is to restore and/or manage them in order to minimize the impact on ecological processes and optimize the functioning of ecological infrastructure, especially land and water related services, and to allow the movement of plants and animals .

From the above, it is clear that the area is important to conserve and therefore urgently needs to be fenced off to protect it and to transform a potential problem for the immediate community into an asset for the wider community of Stellenbosch and the residents and staff of Huis Horizon.

After further investigation and consultation with highly regarded botanists, it was confirmed that the area is best be transformed into a Forest Arboretum. According to their research, there are already a unique collection of indigenous trees and other plants that can be rehabilitated. An Arboretum is a botanical garden dedicated to trees and shrubs and is defined as: "an area devoted to specimen plantings of trees and shrubs. Distinct from a forest, nursery, or park, it is in a sense an outdoor museum of trees. It is a place where many varieties of trees are grown for research, educational, and ornamental purposes; where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition."

Based on this information and the importance of the area, Horizon House plans to, with the help and support of the wider community of Stellenbosch, develop the Arboretum as follows through collaboration, namely:

  • to remove invasive plants and to re-establish the natural vegetation and wildlife on the unique 3 Ha as the description above pertains. The removal of invasive plants has already started with the Onder-Papegaaiberg community and plans have been made to continue this on a regular basis.
  • to build a boardwalk and establish picnic areas where Friends of the Arboretum can book it for a lovely visit in nature.
  • to build bird lookout points, and recreational anglers will, in future, be able to access the dam for catch and release. Other non-motorized water activities are also envisaged.

The end result of the project promises to be an educational and proud nature experience in the middle of our neighbourhood. Something that will not only bring peace to the soul but will also have a positive impact on the value of properties in and around Onder-Papegaaiberg.

However, in order to unlock the above dream for the residents of Huis Horison and the community, it is essential to protect the area from illegal occupation and the associated security risks, further stripping of vegetation and animal life, and dumping of rubbish and construction debris, by construction of a security fence around this area.

And this is exactly where we, as a community, must join forces!

The costs associated with this amount to approximately R1 750 per running meter. A benevolent donor who saw the importance of the project has already allocated R80 000 for the purpose.

Please consider contributing per meter of fencing.

All persons/institutions who help finance a meter or more of the fence, will automatically become members of the “Friends of the Onder-Papegaaiberg Forest Arboretum”. Such membership will not only ensure free entry to the area, but also receive other benefits, which are currently being planned.

For any enquiries please contact

    Huis Horison
    1 Patrys straat, Onder Papegaaiberg, Stellenbosch,
    South Africa
    Telephone: 0218875080
    Registration #: 2008/026927/08