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Kids for Africa Sports Academy

A quality basic education is something which every child should get regardless of their family background, economic standing or community to which they belong. We strive to facilitate education in order to allow as many Ugandan Youth to experience a chance at a good livelihood.

Kids for Africa Sports Academy has been empowering and transforming the lives of Uganda’s vulnerable children and youth since 2009.  In order to divert youth from common effects of poverty such as crime, substance abuse and academic failure, sports has the power to improve the physical, proactiveness and social well-being of children and youth in Uganda. Group sports fosters cooperation, individual talent, a sense of equality, improves health, and transforms and develops self-confidence.

In Uganda, school dropout rates are very high and increase with every grade year completed.  What will the Kids for Africa Sports Academy do differently?

  • Teach the National Curriculum Standards
  • Room and Board on site for Every Student
  • Focus on the Importance of Group-Sports (Football/Soccer, NetBall, etc.)
  • Emphasis of learning critical life skills and potential career skills
    • Agriculture Fields of Crops and Orchards on Site to Feed and Teach Students
      • Horticulture & Agro-Processing account for 65% of Uganda's job market
    • Water Treatment & Engineering Skills
  • Hold students and teachers accountable for community involvement outside of teaching and learning academics.

The school will be built at our new building site located in the Mityana District, West of Kampala (the capital city of Uganda). We have purchased 5 acres of land (20234.3 square feet) with good road, power and communication systems access.

We have a vision of opening our doors within 5 years, but we welcome celebrating many small successes together along the way.  The completion of the school has been designed in 5 phases to accommodate a long term agricultural, and water treatment plan prior to the school build, and to create proper manageable milestones.

We are currently in Phase 2 of 5:

  1. Secure Land
    1. Land Acquisition
    2. Fencing
  2. Stage & Set-Up the Land
    1. Access:
      1. Lockable Gate
      2. Roadway to Staging/Container for materials and delivery
    2. Surveys
      1. Hydrogeological Survey
      2. Geotechnical Survey
    3. Testing
      1. Water Testing, Lab Report & Testing Schedule
    4. Container (Site Office)
      1. Earth Movers to dig flat Pad for Staging Container & Build Road
      2. Gravel & Delivery
      3. Container Purchase & Delivery
      4. Insulation & Electrical
      5. Furnishings
      6. Dehumidifier
      7. Windows & Door
      8. Container Lock
      9. Roofing & Guttering
      10. Rooftop Lookout/deck
    5. Power
      1. Power Poles
      2. Off-grid Switch
      3. Electrical Panel
      4. Lighting for Container/Office
      5. Water Ditch to Container
    6. Staff Costs
      1. Caretaker/Farmer/Security
    7. Tools
      1. Chipper/Shredder
      2. Generator
      3. Chainsaw
      4. Garden Tools
      5. Watering Tools
      6. Hammers, Saw, Chisel
      7. Cordless Power Tools
      8. Screwdriver Set
      9. Wrench Set
    8. Potable Water Management Systems
      1. Bore Hole
      2. Piping/Pump to container
      3. Hand Pump & Solar Pump
      4. Water Storage Tanks
      5. Outdoor Kitchen Prep Area for Farm Use
    9. Planning and Systems Development
      1. Security
      2. Land Layout Design
      3. Soccer Pitch Design/Placement
      4. School Layout and Design
      5. Agricultural Layout & Irrigation Systems Design
      6. Fruit & Nut Tree Plantings
    10. Waste Water
      1. Wastewater Engineering Drawings
      2. Power Calculations
      3. Water Water Building Design (Architect & Engineer)
      4. Black Water Systems - Waste Water
      5. Off-grid Power + National Power
      6. Water Connections
      7. Dedicated Solar/Wind Array
    11. The School
      1. Security
      2. Football Pitch
      3. Classrooms & Assembly Hall
      4. Restaurant/Cafeteria
      5. Administrative Buildings
      6. Front Desk

    Any donation amount helps us achieve our ambitious but achievable goal of creating a high-school that can create a legacy of life-lasting change for the youth of Uganda.  For more information on the school, Kids for Africa Sports Academy, or how to get involved, please go to

    Kids for Africa Sports Academy
    Telephone: 0788516043
    Registration #: INDR13618448NB
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