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Taboos in African society and in the DRC in particular have led children to develop dangerous limits in presenting their needs to parents. Young girls especially suffer from it during their menstrual cycle, because they cannot tell their parents about it. ASUCO non-profit organization wants to help 60 young girls gathered in 4 peer education clubs to break this silence while helping their peers by providing them with reusable sanitary napkins.

The peer education clubs for young girls will have the role of teaching young girls how to make sanitary napkins, how to fight infections, and will be structures of reference, information, communication, leadership, protection, sensitization, education, counseling, guidance, provision of non-medical services , management and advocacy for young girls. These clubs will make sanitary napkins and share them to other girls in rural areas to help them keep on good health. 

The funds collected through this campaign will support the efforts already undertaken by ASUCO ASBL through its Project funded by The Fund for Congolese Women (FFC) to promote the sexual and reproductive health of young girls aged 12 to 22 in the commune of Karisimbi, launched on October 15, 2021.

The need is greater in rural areas than in urban areas. Yet the experience of Goma / Karisimbi commune proves that young girls in peri-urban Goma also suffer from the same taboos. The calls received from different rural areas after publication of the activity in Goma show that there is cause for concern about the health of our young girls in rural areas.

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