Help 1 in 5 Kenyan women stay safe from violence
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Usikimye Welfare Group

Usikimye is a SURVIVOR CENTERED and TRAUMA INFORMED organization working on the prevention and response to Sexual & Gender-Based Violence in Kenya. 

Usikimye uses a community-centered resource mobilization organizational design to create impact on millions of people, despite minimal budgets available. We have reached over 20 million beneficiaries.

Usikimye runs a number of programs; 

  1. 5 SGBV Rescue Shelters (safe houses with a capacity of 30 people per safe house)
  2. SGBV response toll free hotline (the first 24/7 non-government-funded GBV hotline in Kenya - 0800-000-999)
  3. Inua Binti (A Pandemic Mitigation Program On the Sex For Pads shadow pandemic affecting teenage girls in low income areas all over the country). We give 72,000 girls sanitary towels every month in different slums all over the country.
  4. Nutrition Program. We provide 324,000 plates of food and 162,000 cups of porridge to children every month, in 4 slums in Kenya. These plates are provided by the Sikh community, organization such as Kenya Airways and the general public. Most of these kids only get to have one meal - the one provided by Usikimye in a day. A hungry child is a vulnerable child. This not only makes sure that kids stay in school but most defilement cases happen when children are lured by their abusers with incentives like food.
  5. A Mental Health Platform, Tunawiri that provides virtual psychosocial support to survivors of sexual violence.
  6. A collective referral program of the network of 400 civil society organizations who are under-resourced hence share resources among each other) 
  7. An artistic and librarian literacy program for disadvantaged and underprivileged  girls in informal settlements.

We collaborate with the Office of the President under Local Governments, Ministry of Civil Service, Youth and Gender, Ministry of Education, Children's Department under  Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, National Police, Doctors Without Borders, FIDA, National Gender and equality of Kenya, ForumCiv/Swedish Embassy, ​​more than 200 local civil society organizations as implementing partners, thousands of community health volunteers among many stakeholders in the different thematic areas namely SGBV, SRHR, mental health, livelihood support and legal support in cases and the implementation of the policies.

Help us save the lives of millions of women, girls and sexual minorities.

Usikimye Welfare Group
Huru Flats, Ground Floor, room 2, Kayole
Telephone: 002540800000999
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