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South Africa is one of the most unequal societies on earth where the wealthy are able to buy top quality private healthcare while the majority (over 80%) depend on under-resourced public health. Health-e plays an important role in reporting on the health challenges faced by ordinary people and holding officials accountable for service delivery to communities. We focus particularly on infectious diseases (HIV and TB), non-communicable diseases (particularly related to obesity) and gender-based violence. Our stories are broadcast on the television, published in mainstream media and online.

We also train and provide employment for a network of young community-based journalists who report from villages and small towns that don’t usually feature in the media. The community-based news is geared towards solving the health challenges identified at community level. This is done by holding officials to account for service delivery failures and by promoting dialogue between communities and their representatives.

Health-e was launched in 1999 and is committed to social justice and ensuring better health for all South Africans through both educating people to make healthier choices and by exposing weaknesses in the health system.

Health-e News Service
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