#GivingTuesday Cheetah Outreach Trust
R 100
Raised in South African rand
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CCF Cheetah Outreach Trust

The Cheetah Outreach Trust has set a goal to raise R20000.00 for #GivingTuesday 2020 - the funds raised will be used for the maintenance of the Irwin's Breeding facility where Anatolian livestock guardian dogs are bred from proven genetic lines. These puppies, once old enough, are placed with livestock on farms in the current free-ranging cheetah range. Through their sheer size and protective instincts they act as deterrents to free-ranging predators - benefitting the farmer as no livestock is lost to predators and the cheetahs and other predators revert to preying on their natural wild prey.

All donations of any size are welcomed, as every little bit helps!

For more information on the Cheetah Outreach Trust - visit http://www.cheetah.co.za/co_ch...

CCF Cheetah Outreach Trust
Quinan House
Somerset West
South Africa
Telephone: 0218516850
Registration #: 013-501 NPO