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The FH Leva Foundation offers the following initiatives which we invite you to partner with:

  1. Skills development - Job Readiness Training
    1. We have partnered with Siya Sebenza to provide job readiness training at our Work 4 a Living center. This partnership has made it possible for thousands of unemployed youth in our city to empower themselves and find employment.
    2. Phase 2 of our job readiness training includes training in specific skills such as: Computer Literacy, Merchandising, Cashier & Point of Sales,  Office Administration, Entrepreneurship Skills and Information Technology.
    3. Barista skills training - We also equip unemployed individuals in our city with quality barista training through our Red Band Academy. Over the years we have seen this course empower our students to become world class baristas and entrepreneurs.
  2. Socioeconomic development - Leveraging Technology for Education
    1. We have partnered with Professor Jean Greyling from the Nelson Mandela University to empower teachers in disadvantaged communities with a cost effective tool to teach learners coding principles. This tool is a coding game called TANKS. This game has exposed more than 5000 learners (within the country and around the globe) to programming principles and careers in the IT industry. The game has inspired a few learners to pursue a career in Computer Sciences.
      We will also be leveraging this app to raise awareness and educate learners about socioeconomic issues.
  3. Alleviating the abandonment of babies in our city
    1. We have partnered with Baby Blessings and Heart for Alternatives to install a baby safe in Walmer Township. This safe will make it possible for mothers in crisis to put their baby in a safe place and get the help they need. This will ensure that the baby’s life is preserved
  4. Community Engagement - Investing in the youth in our city
    1. We encourage and empower the youth in Eastern Province Child and Youth Care Center through weekly bible studies and monthly events we host at their home. We also host an annual Youth Bash for all the children’s homes in our city.
    2. Supporting organisations in our city - Our monthly Drop Box campaigns bring awareness and support to various organisations that serve our city. Our community engages with these organisations by either donating items or investing their time and energy volunteering at the organisation.
  5. Upcoming Projects 
    1. Developing Entrepreneurs - Our Red Band Academy has launched Red Band Bars. These mini coffee bars are part of an enterprise development programme that employs Red Band Academy graduates and provides them with training and mentorship. As the students take on more responsibility, their share in profits increases until they are able to purchase the coffee bar with their equity
    2. Internships - We will soon be running internship programmes that will help aspiring entrepreneurs and pastors in our city realize their dreams.
  6. Partner organisations (in no particular order)
    1. A21 - Focus: Human Trafficiking
    2. SANBS - Focus: Blood Services 
    3. Baby Blessings - Focus: Abandoned Babies
    4. Sole 2 Sole - Focus: Impoverished and homelessness
    5. Kingfisher FM - Focus: The message of the Freedom of Christ
    6. RLABS - Focus: Skills and Youth Development
    7. MES - Focus: Impoverished and homelessness
    8. EPCYCC - Focus: Youth Development
    9. Vistarus - Focus: Impoverished, homelessness and addicted
    10. Yokhuleso Haven - Focus: Abused women and children
    11. REHAB Books - Focus: Serving university students
    12. De Vos Malan Primary School - Focus: Education
    13. Heart for Alternatives - Docus: Socioeconomic Development
    14. Siya Sebenza - Focus: Skills Development
    15. Joy of Hearing - Focus: The hearing impaired
    16. TCN - Focus: Leadership

Fathers House Leva Foundation
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Telephone: 0414098400
Registration #: 127-307 NPO
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