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Full Circle Trust

Full Circle started in 2006 transitioning from K-Street Ministry which was a prayer ministry with focus on women in prostitution. Since the initiation of Full Circle, we have been able to interact with over 50 women, some of whom have stayed to the end of the program while others gave up along the way and one passed on bringing the number down to 38.

Our success has been in the restoration of the emotional, social, mental and spiritual stability of the women. Meeting the financial needs of the women and ensuring their financial stability has been our greatest challenge. Most of the women are able to meet their needs though they are barely surviving and that has been our area of struggle. The challenge has been striking a balance between supporting the women financially without encouraging dependence.

It is in response to this challenge that we seek to establish a business enterprise that would allow the women to work and make an earning out of the proceeds from the sales. As the ladies work and are supervised they will acquire the work culture, which most of them lack due to the culture they acquired from the streets, and this will help them in case they seek to start their own businesses. The ladies will also acquire skills which include but not limited to dress making; interior decor and curtain making; tie and dye; batik; fabric painting; and bead work. These skills will benefit them way after the Full Circle program.

We invite you to partner with us in making the lives of these women and their child worth living!

Full Circle Trust
Mamlaka Road, P. O. Box 53635
Telephone: +254734602650
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