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Child Survival Aid Ghana

Why Education?

We want to live in a world where education prevails, where children realise their full potential regardless of where they live, what language they speak or the amount of money they have. A good education liberates minds, creates aspiration, and enables economic opportunity. Education will help end poverty because, with basic education, parents learn more about how to care for themselves and their families, which in turn leads their children towards healthier lifestyle.

A Shocking Revelation

The literacy rates are steadily growing in the rural areas of Africa, Ghana. Yet, the majority of the students are studying in less than favourable conditions. Many children study in roofless classrooms that have bare minimum school supplies. The scarcity of school supplies or classroom supplies in Africa, Ghana is common. Even the ones inside a classroom study under shabby conditions. They are stuffed like chickens inside a coop with no space to move. The worst part is that most of them are found sitting on the floor as the notion of desks and chairs is still deemed a luxury in the small schools that cater to these young minds.

At Child Survival Aid Ghana, we work round the clock to provide adequate school and classroom supplies to children studying in unfavourable conditions in Africa, Ghana. You can play your part making their lives better by donating to this cause. Connect with us for more information.

Imagine Living in these Conditions

Probably not! The mere setup of a classroom is based on neat rows of desks and workstations for the children. So that they can read, write and learn without any hindrance. But this remains to be a dream for thousands of pupils trying to seek an education in Africa, Ghana. Come switch on the beacon of light in these dusty spaces and dim lit classrooms!

Our Mission

Child Survival Aid Ghana hopes to transform this scene. We want to see a classroom filled with laughter, books and desks making our child literacy project a reality. So that these bright, eager children get the best education possible that too in conditions that meet normal standards of an educational institute.

Our Plan

We aim to collect sufficient funds via fundraisers, through online charity campaigns and sheer goodwill. The money will then be used in purchasing of school desk for children. The primary focus will obviously be on the school desks and textbooks etc. which ultimately pave a clear route for our child literacy programs.

1 Student + 1 Desk = A Better Education

On the surface, the size Desk for Children program might seem ordinary. What good could a mere piece of furniture do? The answer is plenty! The children living in rural areas and villages aren’t exactly encouraged to go to school. And the unpleasant setting of a ‘desk-less’ classroom doesn’t inspire them to study either. That’s because they find themselves sitting on hard floors, crouching at weird angles to write and wrestling for space with their classmates.
How can they then study? Ultimately, the lack of a desk makes it easier for these children to drop out of the education system.

Child Survival Aid Ghana, invites you to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. We urge you to support our work through our direct programs and strategic partnerships with state governments basic schools across Ghana. With your support, we aim to build back better and impact over thousands of thousand school children in the next five years, ensuring every child has a thriving life.

If you share our belief, give generously so we can continue funding education for disadvantaged, poor children in rural Africa, Ghana.

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