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Interprofessional.Global’s Evaluation Working Group seeks funding (€ 2200) to collect and analyse data on how effective our different working groups are to address the priorities we set as collaborative.

This evaluation will seek to explore the work and activities of Interprofessional.Global, a working community of leaders and wider networks in the field of interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional collaborative practice (ICP).

The Evaluation Working Group developed a mixed methods protocol to collect Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) from each of the working groups. In addition they will also ask working group members about the value of their involvement within Interprofessional.Global.

Through the help of Prof Marion Huber (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) we have been able to secure the help of a master’s research student who can help us to conduct interviews in early 2023.

Our planned work in early 2023

  1. Collect OKR data from each of the four working groups
  2. Interview members of the working groups on their perceptions of the impact and value of the collective work so far.

How do we plan to complete this work?

  • OKR data: This work will be completed by the Evaluation Group members
  • The interviews: These will be completed by the researcher. We seek to interview two people from each of the following working groups guided by the working group leader:
    Partnership (overarching group)
    Capacity building


We have access to a skilled Masters qualitative research student who is willing with payment to conduct the one-to-one interviews.


4 hours per interview (to include one hour for the interview and 3 hours for transcribing for 2 people from each of the four working groups (4x2= 8 hours x4= 36 hours). The researcher will accept €50 per hour @ 36 hours= €1,800. An additional €400 is budgeted for publication and the second round of evaluation.


One anonymous independent researcher working across the four working groups.

Synthesis of the findings: 

The Evaluation Group members will start to collect the outcomes as OKR data using the matrices sent to each working group in 2023. We will receive the anonymous transcripts and will complete the thematic analysis for the second stage as a team. In this way we can constantly challenge the content and work towards shared understandings. We will produce a report on the findings. It is likely that this data collection process will be repeated in two years for a second data collection cyclical to further our understandings of the outcomes for IP.Global.

We hope to raise the funds by the end of March 2023 for the work to start in April.

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