Etafeni serving women and children of Nyanga
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Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust

The Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust was set up in 2001 to support women, orphans and vulnerable children in Nyanga, by offering a safe space for the mothers and children to access quality education, social welfare support and skills development. Etafeni, became the heart of the Nyanga community as it was set up by the women in Nyanga who wanted a safe space for their children to play. The Trust, in partnership with the local community, has since built a multi-purpose center in Nyanga. The Etafeni Trust center is trying to provide a non-institutional alternative to what is all too often a disrupted childhood.

Etafeni serves the women, children and community of Nyanga through the following programmes:

A quality Early Childhood Development and Grade R programme; An enriching Youth Development/After School Care programme; PowerGirls Programme (Girls Leadership focus); A Nutrition and Home Food Garden programme; A Fit for Life, Fit for Work is a dynamic and highly successful Skills Development and Job-Readiness Programme; A Social Work and Community Development programme and OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) provides counselling for abused children, those who are at risk and their families, as well as support for a range of family problems; A Sewing Training Programme (Income Generation); A Home and Community Based Care Programme

Etafeni aims to raise needed funds to continue serving the women, children and community of Nyanga to ensure that they can access quality educational and health services as well as psycho-social services and skills development. The Funds raised will ensure the sustainability of all our programmes and ensure that we can continue to serve and support the women and children of Nyanga. We will use the funds to continue providing meals to all our beneficiaries, provide uniform for the children in our ECD and Afterschool Support programmes; provide transport for all our beneficiaries that live far from the center and overall maintenance of our center.

Every cent Helps! Be part of the Change and join us in Creating a Flourishing Community of Nyanga!

Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust
34 Sihume Road
South Africa
Telephone: 0027213861516
Registration #: 024-270-NPO
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