Establishment of Computer Training center
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Community Development Shield Uganda

Computer Training Center will be set up to Help Bridge the ‘digital divide’, providing access to computer, internet, ICT services and training courses to those without home access. The center will offer variety of services and it will be a space that customers will want to hand out from while accessing internet, snacks, soft drinks and refreshments. The assurance is that this business will always remain relevant on this computer age and one good thing about it is that, aside from the fact that people will walk in to browse the internet; we can also generate enough income by engaging in variety of services including stationery needs, sale of coffee and snacks among others. It will be strategically positioned so people can troop in to the center, not only those that want to browse the internet, but also those who may just want to hang out with friends over a cup of soft drinks especially coffee, tea, soda and snacks. The center is a lucrative business that is popular in the world of business people, travelers and tourists, but it also finds frequent customers in teenagers, youth and adults who prefer spending a lot of time surfing the internet and playing computer games. The internet is the fire that shapes our world, and people without their own portable PCs and those who cannot afford the cost of private internet access will be the target since they will need to use the internet on a frequent basis. With the advent of technology and the increasing demand for Internet. The center is likely to be a combination of wired and wireless network. ICT has been identified as a tool “to transform a subsistence economy into an information-rich, knowledge-based one, and accelerate economic growth.

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