End Hunger and Poverty in Africa through Education
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The Emmanuel Ivorgba Center

Millions of young boys and girls in West Africa are denied access to quality education. In Nigeria alone more than 13 million School-age Children are Out of School. Victims of poverty and traditional gender biases, 65 million girls and young women are kept out of the classroom, and millions more are in school but barely learning. Those who go to school, often following major financial sacrifices from family members, often find that their job options are no different than if they had never studied. They don't have the soft or technical skills that local employers are looking for.

Your donations will strengthen our commitment to ending hunger and poverty by empowering young boys and girls  with education through scholarships, livelihood skills opportunities and mentoring programs. In the last 3 years, we supported 6,000 children return to schools, provided livelihood skills training and tools to 3,000 women and supported 254 young business leaders in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana. Our efforts are helping to break the cycle of poverty in Africa. Your support will increase our impact next year

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