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eduSOIL Education NPC

eduSOIL NPO enables access to mindfulness, yoga and changemaker programmes in underserved communities by engaging schools who do not have financial means to access holistic education. We empower youth and teachers to learn how to develop the physical, social, emotional and mental health of children in underserved communities through provision of tools and trainings. 

Our programmes help teachers and learners to:
 - Increase attentiveness, metacognition & self-motivation
 - Manage anxiety and impulsivity with greater emotional resilience
 - Increase body-awareness & improve flexibility, strength, balance
 - Develop empathy & self-compassion to reduce reactivity in difficult situations
 - Become aware of personal/community challenges and take action on them

We do this in response to the rising need for undeserved youth to receive the support and care they need to overcome life’s challenges. 

In South Africa around 3 million children under the age of 6 face an increased loss of development potential due to toxic stress. As many as 8-11% of children and adolescents suffer from an anxiety that effects their ability to get on with their lives. (SADAG)

In India, an estimated 56 million people suffer from depression and 38 million people from anxiety disorders, according to a report by the World Health Organisation. Mental and emotional distress is one of the primary causes of teenage suicide in India, with one student dying every hour. (QuartzIndia, 2018)

In the Philippines over six million Filipinos live with anxiety and depressive disorders with 2,558 recorded suicides in a single year. (ABD-CBN News, 2018)

The number of lives lost to suicide in Northern Ireland increased by more than 30% in the last four years, alarming new figures have revealed. (Belfast Telegraph, 2021)

Compounded stress (academic, personal, family) contributes to mental disorders (anxiety, depression, conduct) in 166m children and youth globally, affecting their grades, attendance and interpersonal relationships. (UNICEF, WHO, 2021)

In Khartoum 13% of secondary school students suffer from depression or anxiety. Internally displaced people had a greater prevalence of mental diseases (53%) than non-displaced people, including major depressive disorder (24.3%), generalised anxiety disorder (23.6%), social phobia (14.2%), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (14.2%).  (Science Direct, 2022)

Since 2011 eduSOIL has touched the lives of + 15,000 children and adults in underserved communities. Take a look at our impact and documentation here. 

You can help enable youth and teacher development in communities in need to empower them to overcome adversity and trauma by taking time to pause, breathe and heal.  

By donating every month you can empower youth and teachers to learn how to develop their physical, social, emotional and mental health and be trained to pay it forward to nurture children in underserved communities with mindfulness, yoga and changemaker education. 

Your donation could be part of your very own "Take ME time - Give ME time" mission. On this mission, you nurture your own mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health by joining a yoga, mindfulness or changemaker class with our Founder, Juanita Rea. In exchange for the time you spend taking ME time, you give ME time to underserved communities as eduSOIL uses your contribution (for classes you attend or your stand alone donations) to provide tools and trainings to communities in need. 

eduSOIL Education NPC
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