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The school IT laboratory or the general IT environment in a school is a perfect platform to support out-of-school youth to develop life skills, technical IT skills, computer literacy skills and through the process, make a direct impact on the quality of education for the teachers, the learners and the community.

The Edunova IT Entrepreneur (ITE) programme is one of the Edunova programmes designed to ‘fill’ this ‘gap’ and to thereby sustain the effective use of technology in schools with a view to enabling children to access high impact learning.

In order to do this, the ITE programme equips young, unemployed adults with the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to significantly improve their chance of finding employment either in the schools or in the private sector. The ITEs follow a twelve month ICT and skills training pathway with a strong focus on mentoring, care and growth whilst gaining work experience in the school ICT environment.

Our Vision for this IT Entrepreneurship programme

• To enable school ICT facilities to become truly sustainable and to ensure that the ICT is effectively used in the school.
• To provide an effective human resource that can meet the ICT needs of a school
• To provide a platform for the development of business Entrepreneurs in our communities
• To provide employment pathways and to link employers to youth

How you can help

The ITE programme is a tried and tested model leading to employment or further studies for the young adults participating in this programme. However, having a link to a supporter, mentor or friend has proven to help the youth remain encouraged, have clarity of purpose and to have someone taking an interest in their life.

Personal support required

By supporting one of the youth on this programme you will have the privilege of:

being in contact with the ITE
receiving updates as to progress made
offering support
impacting the education in one under resourced school
enabling a skills programme for the youth to greatly enhance the opportunity for the ITE to become employed
tracking the ITE into a chosen career pathway

Financial support required

This support will enable Edunova, for 1 year, to:

provide a skills programme for the young adult
o computer literacy
o technical skills
o training facilitation
o enter a new career pathway programme

have a mentorship programme in place
ensure a quality work experience in a disadvantaged school
at the end of the programme
o find employment
o enrol for tertiary studies
o start a business

Edunova takes responsibility for implementing and monitoring the ITE programme and will ensure full financial responsibility for any support provided. Reporting will be provided to keep supporters aware of progress and developments.

    St Francis Center
    1 N'dabeni Street
    South Africa
    Telephone: 27213711927
    Registration #: 2005/019410/08
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