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St Francis Outreach Trust

Every child needs a decent education and here at 'Homes to Grow' 
the trustees of the St Francis Outreach Trust are committed to ensuring that the foster children achieve such an outcome.

Due to past circumstance, some had a poor start without proper schooling, most were well behind their peers, never having learned the basics. The trustees have worked tirelessly to remedy this situation by engaging a remedial teacher who supervises school homework and volunteers who assist with reading and language skills.

A dedicated classroom has been built onto one of the homes where afternoon lessons and homework are supervised.

Through a process of assessment over time, the children have been placed in the correct grade and attend schools recommended for their individual aptitude - whether academic or technical. 

The Trust was established in 2009 and over the years, it is wonderful to see the transformation of these once fearful and shy children, now so full of confidence and much improved in school performance.

The annual cost of maintaining two foster care homes, as well as
covering the expense of all the school needs of 12 children increases
year on year.  For instance in 2010 the budget for running the homes was R150,000; 12 years later the figure has risen to R1,207,000!

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We call on your generous support so that these promising children may continue to have a chance at becoming future productive citizens leading self sufficient lives.

St Francis Outreach Trust
21 Zante -Palace Hill Road
Simon's Town
South Africa
Telephone: 0217863331
Registration #: IT 1631/2009