Building a future with our town’s waste
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Murraysburg Sustainable Development Council

Murraysburg is a small Karoo town, and it is home to a lot of beautiful people.

Because we are situated so far from big recycling companies, it is not viable for us to collect waste material and sell it to these companies because the fuel costs associated with transporting it to the nearest recyclers is more than the amount paid for the material.

So, we have had to think “out of the box” and after a lot of research came up with some innovative ideas to:

1. Create opportunities for micro Entrepreneurs to create usable products out of, plastic, unrecyclable, products like food wrappers, paper and cartons.

2. Erect a building to help train entrepreneurs but also to provide the needed space to have their own little work secure space using some recycling products - see our inspiration -

3. Beautifying our town

4. And cleaning up our town in the process, a win-win for all!

This is a huge endeavor and will take a lot of time and commitment, but, as they say, Rome was not built in a day. So, we are taking it step by step, and not backing down. Eco-Brick Exchange ( has been supporting us al the way.

We have already started making eco-bricks (plastic bottles compacted with non recyclable products and other plastic) here in Murraysburg – read more (

To develop our building skills with recycled materials and to beautify our town at the same time, we are going to build benches and tables at the various schools and parks in town and a wall around the graveyard.

Please help us to generate the money needed to develop the skills and clean up and beautify our town.

Murraysburg Sustainable Development Council
17 Berrange Street
South Africa
Telephone: 0825642814
Registration #: NPC: 2016 / 067366 / 08
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