Deaf Women Economic Emancipation Program (DWEEP)
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Tshepiso Mokoena Foundation

The aim is to create an environment that will enable self employment initiative programs. These employment initiative programmes could only be sustainable if there is a strong point or support system in place that women will be able to access when immediate information and assistance is required. Furthermore, the program aims at empowering women with tools of leadership, mentorship programme and entrepreneurship skills.

The ultimate goal of our program is to have sustainable and progressive social economic opportunities in all nine (9) provinces that would empower deaf women notwithstanding the fact that hearing women will partake in this program, to encourage and promote inclusive programs and to collaborate with women in business in our
communities.Training and Program Outline:

Women will be trained in the following training programs:

Business Management and Planning, Marketing, Financial Management, ICT Training, Presentation Skills, Time Management and Mentorship.

Results: We want to channel opportunities of entrepreneurship to unemployed deaf women who aspire to bring change in their communities. The challenge we are facing at the moment in our
communities is the unemployment of women to be specific, high levels of crime especially in the communities we are serving i.e. Khayelitsha, Langa, Mitchels Plain, Phillipi etc and women are affected in most cases. We want see women initiating programmes that will not only change their lives but change lives of the masses in their communities.

If you empower a woman, you will definitely empower a nation. However, a formal structure should be in place for the women to know where to source information about government programs that would help them to attain their goals of effecting change in their respective communities.


Successful and prominent business woman will be on board for the purpose of motivating the identified mentees and aspiring young women entrepreneurs. In a long run we will introduce an "Adopt a mentee and make a difference". This concept will form part of the sub-projects to ensure that at the end of projects we have success stories to tell. A know how tool kit has been developed.
Mentors will monitor if the tool kit is used properly by mentees. The tool kit will serve as a guiding framework to monitor and evaluate progress of the program.


1. To participate in the program until completion.

2. Commit yourself to participate in the activities of DWEEP without resigning for the next five years.

3. Upon the beginning of the training, you are obligated to finish the training however if you want to drop out you will be liable to reimburse the foundation.

4. The Foundation will facilitate more training and identity key role players who will assist in conducting training.

This program has a 5 year life span (27 September 2014 to 27 September 2019). On an annual basis mentors and mentees will convene to report back or feedback on the success stories and to share challenges they have experienced during the course of implementing their sub projects.

Beneficiaries: We have identified 50 Deaf women ages from (18-50), whom most of them are black and not employed.

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