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Sponsoring a child in the Path Onto Prosperity (POP) programme is all about helping African children to escape the many ‘poverty traps’ that they find in their lives. Please consider sponsoring a child – for just £10 a month you will be able to help us provide our POP Aftercare programme children with a safe haven and nutritious meal daily.

Across our various POP Youth Centres, we are currently supporting over 630 children enrolled in our Aftercare programme. In addition to a daily meal, our centres also provide their children with homework support, educational games and workshops, opportunities to grow and discover their talents and ultimately a safe haven where they can play and enjoy all sorts of fun. 

Please note that for safety reasons and to ensure that no child feels unloved or unwanted we no longer allow individual child sponsorship, but rather use your donation to ensure that all of our children receive the love, care and support that they need and deserve.

For more information, please feel free to contact our team at growpeace@btconnect.com or visit www.growpeace.org.za.

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