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Critical to the protection of wildlife and particularly elephant and rhino is effective protection; the Honeyguide K9 unit has proven that they are making paces safer for wildlife and people. The Honeyguide dog tracking unit supports the  Serengeti and Tarangire ecosystems; with  2 tracking dogs are stationed on Manyara Ranch and can respond to any incidents in Tarangire National Park (NP), Lake  Manyara NP, the NCAA, Burunge WMA, Randilen WMA as well as within the local community and urban areas and 2 dogs in the Serengeti National Park.

The tracking dog unit has largely contributed to the zero poachings in the landscape, with track records of 95% success in tracking every poacher that killed an elephant in all the areas Honeyguide has worked between the years of 2013 to 2015 until zero elephants were poached. Similar results have been achieved in the K9 unit stationed in the Serengeti, where after 3 years of the dogs’ deployment the Serengeti has zero elephants poached to date. The K9 unit is a huge deterrent to the elephant poachers. The K9 unit has also been called by police and security services for a number of incidents over the past 2 years including murder cases, GBH, banditry, and theft in some of the smaller community villages. The dogs have contributed to security in the area.

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