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Reach for Recovery

Reach for Recovery is an autonomous non-profit organisation run by volunteers since the late 1960’s.   It is a breast cancer support organisation built on a simple yet universal principle: that of one woman who has experienced breast cancer herself giving freely of her time and experience to assist and support another woman with breast cancer.   Well-selected and trained volunteers, who each have experienced the breast cancer journey, render an emotional care and practical support programme to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and their families.

Reach for Recovery volunteers provide all referred breast cancer patients with a temporary soft prosthesis, a bag for their port au vac drain, a cushion for under arm comfort and a firm sponge for hand and arm exercise.  These items are provided free of charge.  However, not all patients can afford the cost of a permanent prosthesis.  Although as much support as possible is given to the paying customer in terms of selection, affordability and even fitting a silicone prosthesis, Reach for Recovery believes that all women who have had breast cancer surgery should have timely access to appropriate breast prostheses, regardless of whether they can pay for it or not.

This project provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals and corporates to become involved by sponsoring silicon breast prostheses for women who cannot afford to pay for one.  Your contribution will allow indigent breast cancer survivors to regain dignity and carry themselves with pride as women in their communities and therefore making a positive contribution to de-stigmatise cancer in communities.

Reach for Recovery
Personal Trust House
Bemont Park
Belmont Road, Rondebosch
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27218895806
Registration #: 043-723 NPO
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