Digital access for SU Students
R 7,600
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Stellenbosch University - South Africa

These past weeks have been a challenging time for us all as we traverse this ‘new normal’ as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Stellenbosch University, we have been adjusting and adapting, knowing full well the positive correlation between academic achievement and ready online access.

As we move forward, Stellenbosch University's commitment to education that transforms lives and society remains steadfast during these challenging times.

So, how can YOU support SU students to continue with their studies via online learning?

We have decided to focus on digital access for our students and equip them with the tools for online learning and teaching. A recent survey indicated that around 880 students urgently require support in this regard. Each laptop costs up to R8 000 per student. Can you lend a hand to address this challenge and support these students? Simply click the ‘Donate Now’ button to make a gift towards helping students with immediate access to digital support.


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