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CPossible - Cerebral Palsy Association

Citizens 'Association "Cerebral Palsy Association - CPossible" Banja Luka is a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit citizens' association whose goal is to support persons with cerebral palsy in the Republika Srpska, and cooperates with other associations and institutions in BiH, the region, the European Union and other countries.

The association emerged from the need to provide maximum support to children and people with cerebral palsy in their development, progression and daily life.

What we do: 

- Gathering people with cerebral palsy, their family members and other interested citizens.
- Commitment to the advancement of medical, educational, professional and social habilitation
- Assisting members in achieving rehabilitation
- Providing maximum support in development, advancement and daily life

CPossible - Cerebral Palsy Association
Stefana Prvovjencanog 2
Banja Luka
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Telephone: 0038765336661
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