Global Impacts - Conservationist Plan
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Wildlife ACT Fund

For Wildlife ACT,

Volunteers and conservation expeditions have been the cornerstone of our funding stream.

We depend on this support to conduct vitally important endangered and priority wildlife species conservation work, including anti-poaching initiatives with our partners across South Africa, including, and not limited to projects in the Drakensberg, Limpopo, Tembe, uMkhuze, Manyoni and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Parks.

Thankfully, our call for support to our very dedicated and unique group of supporters – even at a time when economies across the world were reeling – was met with a level of energy and dedication beyond our expectations.

During the Covid-19 travel restrictions, all our staff, across the board, took a salary cut to reduce pressure on the organization. Not one person complained. This reiterated the passion and dedication of our team, and with the significant generosity from our supporters, we were able to keep our footprint!

We believe wholeheartedly in the conservation impact of our work and are heavily reliant on our professional staff who get up whatever the weather or hour (sometimes very early), to carry out this vital work.

The challenge has been holding our collective breath for Wildlife ACT to arrive safely on the other side, keeping all our projects going, which we achieved together with this incredible support system.


Despite the challenges we face with world economies constantly affected by globalised impacts, we have to keep existing projects going, and stay strong and resilient to enable the work required to carry on, especially with increased pressures on our partners.

Our aim is to generate further resources to ensure our work can be carried out effectively (fuel for monitoring sessions, tyres for vehicles, collars to track and keep endangered species safe) and to keep our wonderful staff resourced with equipment and address their needs to keep going.

We do not know what 2023 will hold and we need to be planning for a slow and unstable recovery.

BE a PART of The ‘Wildlife ACTive Pack’

Join Wildlife ACT’s Wonderful Network of Humans that make our VITAL CONSERVATION WORK possible!

If you haven’t already - Donate $10 (R150) per month or more to join and KEEP WILDLIFE ACTive

Recurring donations enable us to plan better during times of uncertainty and we are so thankful for your support!

We LOVE having a way to CONNECT and update the wonderful people who make the work we do possible.

If you’ve found yourself craving a snippet of the African bush, and would like to receive WhatsApp updates from our projects to see what we are up to, we invite you to join our Support Network on one or more Exclusive WhatsApp Groups of your choosing.

If you have made a qualifying donation, please email
with your selection of the the group(s) you would like to join:

  • Wildlife ACTive - Snippets and Updates from all over Wildlife ACT to keep updated on what the Wildlife ACT Pack is up to.
  • WhatsApp on Tembe - Project & Field updates from Wildlife ACT Monitors on Tembe Elephant Park
  • WhatsApp on Manyoni - Project & Field updates from Wildlife ACT Monitors on Manyoni Private Game Reserve
  • WhatsApp on Hluhluwe - Project & Field updates from Wildlife ACT Monitors on the Hluhluwe section of the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park
  • WhatsApp on iMfolozi - Project & Field updates from Wildlife ACT Monitors on the iMfolozi section of the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park

Your funds will be used to support our field teams and projects.

We fully appreciate the far-reaching impact that Covid-19, and other globalised pressures has had on the global community, and we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and secure while we keep feeling the effects of the storms. If you are able, we would appreciate your support of this life-raft, with recurring monthly donations enabling us to plan better during times of uncertainty.


Wildlife ACT is an award-winning non-profit organisation working tirelessly since 2008 to help save Africa’s endangered and priority wildlife species from extinction, thereby enabling broad-scale biodiversity conservation.

We achieve this by:

  • Conducting professional and strategic monitoring and research to enable and inform effective conservation management of wildlife in Africa.
  • Securing existing protected areas, driving range expansion of African Wildlife, and combating illegal wildlife activities and poaching.
  • Identifying and developing programmes within surrounding communities to support biodiversity conservation and socioeconomic development.

Each volunteer and supporter makes a world of difference to Wildlife ACT - We couldn’t do this without you.

Thank you for Joining the Wildlife ACTive Pack and keeping Wildlife ACTive!

Wildlife ACT Fund
27 Breda Park 27
27 Breda Street
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27828797298
Registration #: IT 148/2010
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