construction of 8 protected spring well
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Image for construction of 8 protected spring well
Community Development Shield Uganda

We conducted a needs assessment survey/baseline survey in this water scare area in November 2022. It was found out that based on average household size, each person only uses about 4.7 gallons of water per day, which is still below the recommended amount by the World Health Organization: 5.3 gallons per person per day. To give a better idea, the average American uses approximately 80-100 gallons per day. Water collection can take upwards of 2 hours per day for each household. Although the distribution of water sources appears to be everywhere on the map but once you reduce it to the micro level, it is not evenly distributed. This project has ultimate goal of increasing access to safe water and basic sanitation. It will impact on the community positively through its contribution to improved health derived from the frequent use of clean and safe water. The villages at risk which this intervention seek to target include Aparango, Adim, Omatolongo, Atira, and Teyao in Bala Sub County Kole District. Northern Uganda.

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