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Humanidade Em Acção Rede Internacional (HAIN)

Since 2017, Cabo Delgado, a province located in the north of Mozambique, has been in tears. Terrorism and insurgency have destabilized the province and  caused a spiral of violence fuelled by poverty and deprivation. The insurgents have attacked both security forces and civilians, burning villages and committing atrocities. The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has increased alarmingly as almost one-third of the province's population have been forced to flee their homes. It is estimated that over 740,000 people have fled the north-eastern and central parts of the province. Dozens of health facilities, schools and other properties have been destroyed and rendered inoperable by the conflict, cutting vulnerable people from essential services, including medical care and increasing the risk of disease outbreaks.

The conflicts have exacerbated many existing inequalities, increasing the devastation effects on disadvantaged communities and refugees who have been already struggling socially and economically, especially children, women, disabled and elderly persons.

Sources: UNHCR-Rapid assessment conducted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
The International Organization for Migration, November, 2021, Displacement Tracking Matrix, IOM ETT Report N° 131/17-23 November 2021.

Can these IDPs and refugees remain unclothed and hungry just because they are poor; they are in a tragic situation and have no one to wipe their tears of pain away?

We cannot give you the whole story of what desperate situations these beautiful souls are in. It breaks our hearts to see IDPs women, elderly and disabled persons unclothed, children left by both parents stay begging just because of trying to survive.

During the pandemic period, 2020, we provided food items with support from big-hearted people like you and we were able to reach 30 refugee and disadvantaged host families in the peripheries of Maputo.

Our partner, Mr. Yukinobu Ozeki, generously donated 788 cartons of new and used clothes to our organization for Internally Displaced Persons and refugees in Mozambique. Through the contributions from our refugee members, the captain of military, Mr. Estevão Ernesto and the customs agent, Madam Florentina Virgilio Alberto, we were able to move the freight container out of Maputo harbour to our organization’s premise.

Charity is a human responsibility. It does not matter which religion you belong to. Whoever gives to the needy person, God will definitely reward him. Maybe your dream is to feel joyful and very much fulfilled knowing that you are doing what God calls you to do through being a Difference Maker.

This year we want to achieve more. Now we need your Help to actually get these critical supplies into the hands of the people in need of clothing relief, 3500 people to benefit, especially in Chíure District, which has got 9 IDPs permanent centres in Cabo Delgado Province. And from Maputo to Cabo Delgado there are 2,603 Km.
Every dollar/amount you contribute will go toward the substantial cost taking these precious items to people who need them most. If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to lend a hand, this is it. Give generously and stay assured that even the smallest donation, with sincerity, can bring a great impact in their lives.
We are humbly asking you to share this campaign with family, friends and your community. Please, ask those in your network for personal appeal to support this cause.

The contributions we receive are used to provide a life difference for the needy IDPs and refugees in Chíure, Cabo Delgado Province.

1. Transportation $1650
2. Travel+accommodation (2 HAIN's members)  at  650/each (2×650)= $1300
3. Outreach Volunteers (incentive)  5 at 100/each (5×100)=$500
4. Administration Cost $350
5. Other expense $300
Total Cost=$4,100

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