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Christian Medical Fellowship (South Africa)

Worldwide Breast Cancer is the most diagnosed cancer as well as the most common cause of cancer related death among women. Great strides have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in the developed world but the developing world has not seen the same improvements despite equal need.
To tackle breast cancer burden in Africa, the main challenge is late-stage disease presentation due to the lack of screening and therapeutic infrastructure, lack of awareness and limited resources. All contribute to poor outcome. 

We intend to offer women in the developing world particularly the city of Goma(Eastern DR Congo) the same chance at life as their counterparts in the developed world by setting up a screening and diagnostic centre. This will mainly focus on Breast cancer initially and expand to cervical cancer. We believe this will bring hope to women in this part of the country that has been ravaged by never-ending wars.

In partnership with CMFSA/ICMDA we are planning to climb Mt Kilimanjaro 26june-02July 2023 to raise funds to purchase a life-saving mammography machine for the people of Goma (East of Democratic Republic of Congo). A mammography machine costs around $100,000. We aim to raise a dollar for every step on the 128,263 steps tall mountain. 

Please support this worthy cause!

Christian Medical Fellowship (South Africa)
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