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Ability Sports Africa

Ability Sports Africa works with over 500 children with disabilities in Gulu Uganda, This children are from margins of society, they live in extreme poverty which has had a negative impact to their social welfare in the community.

ASA focusses on adaptive sports to foster inclusion of children with disabilities in Gulu, Uganda. Their activities aim to empower children and youth with disabilities and enhance their self-esteem. ASA also works with communities to address the problems of societal stigma and systematic discrimination of children with disabilities. For families that face poverty, ASA also provides direct support with basic items.

ASA needs your support to provide 100 children with disabilities and their families Christmas packages and to enable the children to go back to school after 2 years of school closure due to Covid-19 (incredible right?!). Unfortunately textbooks, notebooks and pens etc are not provided in Ugandan schools, so your contribution would really make a big difference.

Lets make Christmas a true celebration for as many of the children and their families as possible, your support would be much appreciated!

ASA is fully run by volunteers, and 100% of your donation will go to the children and their families to be used for the below: - Christmas package with food & clothing: $30 per child + family- School package per child = $50- Christmas event = $8,50 per child + family member- Sports equipments for the event & after = $400

Ability Sports Africa
Jomo Kenyatta Road
Telephone: 0771487566
Registration #: CDR804(B)
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