Christmas gifts for the children in our centre
Raised in euros
Image for Christmas gifts for the children in our centre
Reaching Out Romania

The money will go towards gifts, a Christmas tree and activities designed to bring joy to the children in our centre. 

Since 1999, Reaching Out Romania has worked with victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Victims are referred to us by the police, Child Protection Department and NGO’s from destination countries. However, when necessary, we organize the direct rescue of victims. 

Whilst they are in our care, we offer them a place of shelter as well as psychological, medical and legal assistance, support them in school and make them part of our family. We shape our activities around the needs of their extended family and we provide everybody with long term assistance. 

We help many start or continue their studies, seek jobs or do whatever it takes to rebuild their lives.Over the years we have assisted over 750 victims, mostly Romanian women and girls who have been enslaved and abused in many European countries. We have a reintegration rate of 82% which means 82% of the beneficiaries in our care have now rebuilt their lives and brought humanity one step closer to eradicating human trafficking.

Reaching Out Romania
Str Rotaresti DN nr 136 A, Com. Bascov
Telephone: 0040733044711