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Christina Apostolou Foundation

The Cristina A. Apostolou Foundation is a charitable foundation with over 2500 registered members that aims to provide financial assistance to children and young people with chronic diseases and financial support in their efforts to offer themselves a better future as well as other charitable activities.

The Foundation is in memory of Christina A. Apostolou who passed away, at the age of 44, on 01/01/2006 after a long and uneven battle with cancer.

The Foundation was not made for Christina but with Christina, she took us by the hand and through the Christina A. Apostolos Foundation. Apostolou takes us on paths that are difficult and uphill but beautiful, paths that she knew how to walk with ease and joy, the paths of love, giving and humanity.

Despite the short period of time since its establishment, the Cristina A. Apostolou Foundation has a remarkable amount of work to offer to our suffering fellow human beings.

It has helped dozens of children for treatment in Cyprus and/or abroad, has given assistance to many poor and struggling families, has completed various projects in charitable institutions throughout Cyprus and has created several welfare projects with a direct target on the child.

The Cristina A. Apostolou Foundation offers breakfast to needy students of five schools and provides food assistance to various Social Groceries all over Cyprus.

Please support our work by making a donation or starting your own fundraising project.

Christina Apostolou Foundation
2, Asklipiou Str, P.O.Box 42220
Telephone: 24639904
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