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Did you know? About 7 million people in South Africa are living with HIV and nearly 2000 girls and young women are newly infected each week?

We would like to ask you to support our child health programme. Your support will ensure that:

1. A doctor is employed to support the government clinic, Crossroads 2 Community Health Clinic,. This provides accessible child and adolescent HIV treatment services to more than 500 children and teenagers. It further ensures that they are treated at the same facility as their parents and within their own community.

2. A club facilitator is employed to work alongside the doctor and clinic staff (nurses and counsellors) to run 10 teen friendly support groups, reaching 200 teens. This ensures that teens can access their medicine quickly so they don’t miss out on school and rather spend time talking about important things like stigma, disclosure and healthy choices.

Your once off or monthly contribution will pay for:
• Salaries for our staff (part-time medical doctor, administrator and and club facilitator)
• Ongoing staff development (e.g. HIV course, counselling course)
• Refreshments and materials for the teen clubs
• An annual Christmas party & gifts for each teen in the club

“I like club because I have fun when I am in club. I like club because I play games and there is food. I like club because I learn things that I didn’t know in my life and go to school early” Lizo

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Telephone: 27213702500
Registration #: 005-086 NPO
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