#GiveMonthly to fund Qhubeka Bicycles
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Qhubeka Stiftung

Your 18 CHF monthly donation can give one person a bicycle every year.

Right now, we have future bicycle owners working hard to earn the bicycle you can help us fund. They are planting and nurturing trees to trade, collecting waste to clean up their communities or faithfully attending their school or workplace.

It takes most of our bicycle owners a year to earn a bicycle, and in that time for less than $1 a day you can help fund two bicycles.

When you join our monthly giving community and fund a bicycle, you help:
1. Connect communities to basic services
2. Reduce inequalities
3. Improve health

Our goal is fund a community with bicycles through monthly giving in 2020. That means funding a minimum of 350 bicycles through this campaign.

Give monthly
When you #GiveMonthly your generosity will bring bicycles and smiles to people like Janechia in South Africa:

"My name is Janechia, but my friends call me Neesha, and I’m 13 years old. A new bicycle would be so helpful for me as I don’t live on a taxi route so if I have to go anywhere it’s really difficult for me. And If I do get a bike I can do so many more things with my school friends, like go down to the bicycle track."

Join our monthly giving community now

Not ready to join our monthly giving community? Find our more about our work at qhubeka.org

*Donors who choose to use this GivenGain platform will not be eligible for tax deductible donations. We are however able to issue tax deductible certificates to South African tax payers and international donors from the USA, UK, AUS, NZ, CAD and NL using the direct links on our website (https://qhubeka.org/how-to-hel...). Donors using this platform as well as donors from other countries will receive a receipt as record of your donation. We are working to register in other countries and hope to update you on this soon.*

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