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The Cape Wine Auction Trust

We fund passionate, well-managed beneficiaries in the field of education and support them to maximise the value of the funding they are given. Where beneficiaries of other trusts or donors work in silos, often never knowing what each is doing, we have created a model that is beyond that. A Beneficiary Community ensures that those we fund get to know each other, learn from each other and support one another. This collaborative mindset has already resulted in enormous impact and increased efficiencies. We are so proud that those we support are able to leave their egos at the door and enter this sharing space with open hearts and minds. We thank them for being so generous with their time and experience. They prove to us constantly that they are doing what they do for all the right reasons.

We are expanding this model of collaboration into the donor space, and are already working with a number of like-minded philanthropy organisations which are as passionate as we are about supporting education in these beautiful winelands that we are privileged to call home. This is just the beginning – watch this space!

After three short years we can already feel the shift in the areas that we work in. We hope that you will give generously at the fourth Cape Wine Auction – your support will mean that the shift could become a full-scale wave of change.

The Cape Wine Auction Trust
South Africa
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