Mandela Day 2023
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We are running the following programmes:

Babies Home: 

12-15 orphaned and abandoned children cared for at one time all through the year. This programme is a 24-hour residential care place:

1) Adopt-A-Cot: financially provide for the care of a child in our home. It's our privilege to care for orphaned and abandoned children, taking them from a desperate place into a hopeful place, with a strong foundation for the future. Together, with your sponsorship, we give our children excellent care with great nutrition, a loving atmosphere, and developmentally-stimulating activities. Together, we prepare them to connect into a Forever Family.

Urban Kids Preschool: 

100 children from disadvantaged and emerging families, given access to high-quality preschool education:

2) School Fee Sponsor: financially give towards the education of one child in our preschool. While our school fees are 1/3 of the cost of quality preschool in the area, there are many impoverished families who cannot afford to send their children to quality preschool. Through school fee sponsorship from groups like yours, these families have access to quality education for their children, making their children 3x more likely to matriculate! A solid foundation in preschool breaks the cycle of poverty for these children, giving them options for schooling and careers that their parents never had. Together, we can make a difference.

3) Sponsor a teacher: The programme that trains ECD facilitators in rural and urban low socio-economic areas. We are accredited with SETA to provide the NQF level 4 qualification in ECD that satisfies the government regulations.

Over 100 women and over 2400 children uplifted through training, monitoring/evaluation, resourcing with educational equipment.

Second-hand Shop

We'd greatly appreciate your donations of baby clothes! Babies' clothes and items are always welcome, but we also make use of any second-hand clothing/household goods, furniture,toys, shoes and adult clothing are great!

You are welcome to bring them to our Babies Home Office, Monday-Friday 8-4, or Sunday & 7:00 -1 pm Or our drop off zone from 6am to 6pm. On weekends, or when our main office doors are closed, please deposit donations in the yellow 'Donation Bins' in our porch area. Please also sign the register there to inform us of your visit.

We are located at 64 Main Rd (R55) Crowthorne, Midrand. (view Google Maps)

For more information, visit us at

PO Box 31288
64 Main Road
Crowthorne AH
South Africa
Telephone: 27117022141
Registration #: 006-589 NPO