Badgers FC needs your help
R 29,098
Raised in South African rand
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Badgers Football Academy

The mother of all storms absolutely destroyed two of our 5v5 football courts. These are the courts we rent out in order to create the revenue that allows us to run our football programmes for girls. 

Supporting poles were ripped out of their foundations and many others were bent at their base and are compromised. Electrical lines are broken and tension cables have also been damaged.

The work required involves creating deeper foundations for the poles, replacing large sections of 12-15 galvanised poles, electrical repair, cable replacement and possible net fixes. Plus labour.

We are fortunate enough that several of our regular clients are helping with many aspects of this repair project and Groenvlei Gras will be project managing a lot of the work for us. Thank you to these wonderful humans, we are able to keep the costs as low as possible.

However, we anticipate needing to spend up to R70,000 on this work :( 

So we are asking our Badger family, and our supporters far and wide, for a little bit of help in reaching this goal.

All funds raised will go directly to these repairs and if we manage to spend less than what is raised, the remainder of the funds will be used for general lighting, netting an turf repair, after the major building work is complete.

We thank you in advance for helping us to do what we do! Big love for all our Badger fans, players, su

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