Assistance to third-age people in peri-urban Goma
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ASUCO ASBL has launched an assistance program for third-age people (from 80 years old) (First assistance to third-age people, July 31, 2021) and to people living with disabilities of a minimum age of 65 years . This program wants to give this ignored and abandoned layer a smile so that they have the joy of having survived the multiple challenges of their environment. It is also a strategy to lead these people to address words of blessings to the present generation and reduce generational conflict and prepare the next generation for acts of generosity towards the elderly.
Through this program, the ASUCO ASBL organization identifies elderly people who do not have people taking care of them and people with disabilities that do not allow them to exercise whatever activity that can guarantee them safety. food and without people taking care of them and / or living in families without the necessary resources for their survival.
ASUCO ASBL assists these people with food and non-food and always ensures that there is a psychologist at their side to assist them in limiting their concerns that may arise due to their age and / or their handicap situation. . This will prevent people trying to care for themselves from self-consciously about their condition and allow this layer to be considered and given special attention.
For its three-year plan, ASUCO ASBL expects to support a minimum of 90 people in peri-urban Goma with regular assistance on a monthly basis. 

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