India Pastors Training March 2019
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"Following the king’s orders, they quarried huge blocks of the best stone—dressed stone for the foundation of The Temple" (1 Kings 5:17 Message)

See how many of the "best stones" God needs for this upcoming event:

March 2019 = Dubai (visits to a church & small groups)

March 2019 = Training of our Indian Pastors - Chandigarh India

April 2019 = Training of our India Pastors - Moradabad India

April 2019 = Training of our India Pastors - Jaipur India

We urgently trust the Lord for the much needed funds for our FTS India outreach during March and April 2019

We need funds to train our 100+ Indian Pastors in India. We pray for funds to meet our logistical needs (i.e. food & accommodation for our pastors) & for our own air tickets.

We are very privileged that we have a Guest Trainer from Stellenbosch, South Africa, who will conduct our Training for our Indian Pastors. Next year we will conduct a Marriage Enrichment Seminar for our Pastors

I have a very good friend who - like so many of you - would pray every morning for God's FTS Missions Work. In his prayers he always uses the metaphor of God's Gospel Wagon. Every morning he sends God's Gospel Wagon in his prayers around the world to take the wonderful Good News about Jesus to the "unreached" people of God's world - also in India

Now God has shown me again the scene of the Temple building in His Word. King Solomon ordered huge blocks of the best stone to be dressed for the foundation of the Temple. The king ordered the best stones for the Temple - as our King orders us in His Great Commission to "give our best stones" for expanding His Kingdom. Then the men had to work very hard to ship these huge stones to Jerusalem. Likewise working in the missions field is tiring work! Foundational work is always hard work...yes, Pioneering work in Missions requires all our energy & trust in God's bigger plan. Thus the "Temple of God" is growing all over the world for His glory!

God bless!
Johann en Elna

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