A gift of love that will change a child's life forever
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SOS Children's Villages Mauritius

A gift of love that will change a child's life forever

Since its creation 30 years ago, SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius has provided long-term support to hundreds of children whose basic rights (food, shelter, education, parental care) were not being fulfilled. Today, many of them are employed, married and have their own families.

Currently, through our residential family-based care, we are supporting 150 abandoned or neglected children and adolescents in our two SOS Children’s Villages. Around 800 other vulnerable children living in disadvantaged localities (pockets of poverty) of the country are supported in our Family Strengthening programme in order to prevent child abandonment while their parents and the community are being empowered at the same time.

What are the services that we offer and how you can help?

More than 85% of our donation serves to meet both the basic and developmental needs of the children in our care. The main services are long-term residential care, education, vocational training, services of psychologists and social workers, sensitisation and various referrals of children and parents, e.g., for medical support, better jobs, social security, etc.

You can surely imagine the never-ending tribulations of raising these children and how much dedication and care they need. We appeal to your kindness and generosity to help the children, your contribution is most welcome so that we may continue to give a loving home to our needy Mauritian children.

SOS Children's Villages Mauritius
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