LETCEE's Play-Able Pickup Project
R 8,700
Raised in South African rand
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Our current funding only allows for the Play-Able Pickup Project to run in two of our five communities. Seeing the difference it has made in the lives of children with disabilities and their families, we would love to expand this project to reach at least one more community in the new year.

LETCEE is a well-established non-profit organisation, working in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector, enhancing the early learning opportunities for more than 6000 children. Our vision is for every child to develop and grow in a caring community.

One of the ways in which we achieve this, is our 11 Toy Libraries. Eight of these are fixed in various communities and three are mobile (converted vehicles). Our newest mobile toy library  (Play-Able Pickup) serves children with disabilities in 2 communities. The toy librarian runs playgroups where children with and without disabilities play together. He also does home visits to stimulate children's development and learning, caregiver and community training on disabilities and ensures these children access the necessary health and rehabilitation services. He assists the caregivers and rehabilitation team by implementing the therapy home programmes they issue on a monthly basis when seen at the local clinic.

The Play-Able Pickup is stocked with games, books, puzzles and other resources with a specific focus on stimulating the development of children with disabilities. It provides playful learning experiences to these children who don't have access to other ECD services. Caregivers of kids with disabilities borrow toys from the Play-Able Pickup which they get to keep for up to two weeks to stimulate their children when the toy librarian is not there. The fact that the Play-Able Pickup is mobile, has the added advantage of reaching the children in the most remote rural communities.

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Registration #: 2009/022709/08
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