Raise Your Voice: One Man Can
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One to One Africa Children's Fund

"The time has come for all GOOD men of ACTION, to RISE above the narrow views of communities that still harm the mothers and daughters that raise us. We should not be telling our daughters to be careful; we should be RAISING our sons to be ACCOUNTABLE!”

With an increasing number of extraordinary men signing up to join our 1616 One Man Can Pledge Campaign, we are preparing to launch a minimum of 16 individual videos from men from all across South Africa, sharing their pledge to:

I will [not BE defensive]
I will [CHALLENGE my use of oppressive language]
I will [hold myself ACCOUNTABLE for my actions]
I will [CHOOSE masculinity without misogyny]
I will [RESPECT all of your boundaries]

A world without violence is possible. We at One to One Africa thank you for agreeing to be a VOICE that helps us #ActivateAwareness within the men of our community – globally. A VOICE that prioritises men's voices to stem this silent pandemic.

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