Charity profile

Introduction of Youth Vision: YV was established in 1985 as a non-profitable,
non government, and non-political organization to serve people who use drugs and people affected by HIV and AIDS.

In Nepal, Youth Vision (YV) is viewed as a pioneering organization dedicated to minimize the drug use and drug induced HIV. Youth Vision is devoted to protect and promote the rights of people who use drugs and ensure essential drug demand reduction and accessibility and availability of harm reduction services to its marginalized beneficiaries.

Importantly, Youth Vision has been providing emergency support to children and women affected by drug use and HIV/AIDS. 

We have been providing daily meal, health check up, medication, rehabilitation, clothing, stationary, tuition fee and tiffin support to the children whose parents' are drug users and HIV infected and unable or reluctant to provide those lifeline services to their toddlers.

Similarly, we are also providing driving and beautician training to the women who are affected by drug use and HIV infection to make them  self reliant . Likewise, we are also offering daily meal, health check up, medication and rehabilitation support to those women are suffering from physical abuse from their drug users husbands and social stigma from family members and their society.