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  1. Adopt a Southern Right Whale Did you know that the southern right whale was so named because whalers called them the “right whale” to kill during a hunt? This was due to their plentiful oil and baleen content, being slow swimmers and floating when killed not sinking so they were easy to tie off next to the boats. Southern right whales live throughout the Southern hemisphere, they are migratory whales, migrating annually between...


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Other campaigns

  1. Join the race for nature | Become a WWF Sports Ambassador
    Do you want the chance to be a part of WWF’s Run, Cycle or Hike for Nature campaign? Become a WWF Sports Ambassador.
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  2. Table Mountain Fund
    Join us as we protect and restore the natural wilderness of Table Mountain and the rich biodiversity of the Cape Floristic Region.
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  3. Black Rhino Range Expansion Project
    The Rhino is a symbol of African wild spaces. The loss of this iconic species threatens entire ecosystems. You can make a difference! Donate now!
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