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Welcome to the online donations page of the Walter Sisulu Paediatric Cardiac Foundation.

Did you know that well over 95% of congenital heart disorders are correctable if detected early? The sad reality is, however, that many children are either diagnosed too late, or not at all. They die young and and often don't live into their teen years.

But we're hoping to change that.

This is what led to the establishment of the WSPCF, the sole purpose of which is to raise awareness of these defects, drive skills development amongst Africa's medical fraternity and raise the necessary funds to help those who need life-saving surgery yet cannot afford it.

As you can imagine, we rely heavily on donations and sponsorships in order to raise enough money to fund operations for children who desperately need them, operation that sometimes costs us in the region of R200,000 per child.

Saving children in need is something that Walter Sisulu and his wife, Albertina, held most dear, which is why the WSPCF is such a fitting tribute to one of the most loved and respected citizens of South Africa.

I'm delighted that you've decided to visit our site to see what we're all about, what we do, the lives we've saved and, most importantly, how you can help save even more lives.

Yours in mending broken hearts,

Lynda Bleazard