Charity profile



Women for Change Organization is a National NGO,registered in Kenya.

The main objective of the NGO is to promote Social and Economic lives

of the poor as a way of reducing poverty. The NGO mainly deals with

Women and Children from the poorest areas within the country,thus urban

\slums and disaster areas. As the name reads one may think that this NGO

\only deals with Women,but this is not the case,as we also involve men in

all our areas of activity.

In the past, the Organization has been involved in various activities to

promote the lives of the poor including Children from poor backgrounds,

orphans,widows,widowers,those sick with HIV/AIDs related illnesses and

 the aged.

The NGO has been trying to assist the street children and children in the

streets,and those children orphaned due to HIV/AIDs acquire education

through non-formal schools in the country. The widows,widowers,the

sick and the sged have been assisted with food,clothing and medicine from sources like faith based organizations,churches and charitable institutions.

Currently in kenya,there are over 2.8 million people affected by HIV/AIDs:

and our NGO has been among the organizations that have been making

interventions on their behalf and giving the much needed physical  needs

and psychological care to those affected,by visiting them directly in their

homes as a way of helping them prolong their lives.

Over and above the groups of people to help.our NGO has been involved

with other groups of Women,men and youth,in various parts of the country.

Some of those groups have been assisted through the Organization to

acquire training through microfinancing institutions and banks on how to carry out small businesses.For example,the CFC  bank has assisted in training and then loaning these groups and individuals to start their own small businesses as income generating activities to earn their own living

Although the NGO has been trying to engage itself in the above metioned activities,the going remains tough -as financially,the organisation has been down since the day of registration.the NGO's office depends on small donations and gifts from the board members.volunteers and well wishers.this situation has affected the intended objectives of the NGO which to date remain unachieved as planned

In kenya we realize that sports and games are at the moment the talkm of the day.many people have developed interest in this area but they do not have the means to develop their talents as much because of poverty -that has been escaleted b the global financial meltdown .

Women for Change Organization - NGO has therefore thought it wise to try and raise funds to set up a national sports complex &training center to take care of these suffering poor people but talented Kenyans that the government is not able to take care of.... . if funded,the NGO has plans of identifying,leasing or purchasing potential land,setting up physical structures,recruiting personnel and identifying potential trainees in all areas of sports and games to be trained and developed.after the training the trained sports graduates will have an opportunity to market themselves for employment both locally and internationallyas a means of poverty reduction

this project has been in the minds of the NGO's board members  for such a long time,but due to financial constraints,the take up has not been possible.the NGO is therefore convinced that with any possible funding from Donors, this very important project will save the lives of many poor
Kenyans  in the is the Board's hope theat any possible  funding will enable the project to   get started .if funded,we shall abide by the rules and regulations of the  Given Gain and donors without failure.we shall submit all the reports and financial statements of account to the Donors and Given Gain as may be required and on time.

We also reiterate that if any other requirements shall be put in place,we shall agree to comply with the Donors' way forward.