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Vuleka started as an educational project to give children from poorer communities the educational grounding and pathway for a brighter future and to help the community rise from poverty.  In 2014, Vuleka School remains a registered non-profit, independent Anglican school educating over 1000 pupils from Pre-Primary to Grade 12.  Children from across Johannesburg continue to have the opportunity to experience an education that is geared towards academic excellence.

Many Vuleka pupils face a harsh reality of being orphaned, their families experiencing financial difficulty, poverty, and/or are affected by HIV & AIDS to varying degrees.  In 2001 we became aware of the devastating impact of HIV and Aids when two young brothers, lost their father and mother and difficulties with the school being able to join with the extended family to help care for and guide them.  From this instance, the Vuleka Orphans Fund began to assist children in this situation.

At Vuleka 1 out of 5 children is an orphan or a vulnerable child.  Essential funding is sought for their annual tuition, uniforms and transport costs. Vuleka raises R17 160 per child in the OVC programme or R1.89 million for all OVCs to stay at school for the year.

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