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  1. There are over 4500 homeless people in Cape Town who sleep on the streets every night. U-turn aims to restore the self-worth and self-esteem of the adult homeless person by addressing their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. In doing so, we aim to help rehabilitate them back into society.We rely on people like you to help us achieve this aim. By committing to pledge to U-turn on a monthly basis, your gift of giving will drastic...

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  1. Hope in Recovery
    For many who have been on the streets, substance abuse is rife. Help us by sponsoring those who have hope in recovery.
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  2. Life Change Programme
    The aim of the Gift of Giving campaign is to generate income through regular monthly donations.
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  3. 1000 meal voucher subscribers
    U-turn wants to raise 1000 individuals that subscribe to the U-turn vouchers
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Fundraiser projects

Give a voucher change a life

By Diana-Jane Weaver

The U-turn vouchers is an incredibly powerful way for members of public to help homeless people i...

53.35% Completed
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R10,000 Target
624 DAYS