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People with disabilities are the largest marginalized group in the world, and often among the poorest. 

Who We Are

Uhambo USA is dedicated to alleviating poverty for persons with disabilities by promoting human rights, increasing economic empowerment and advancing quality of life. Uhambo removes barriers of access for persons with disabilities in remote and rural areas of Africa by creating and distributing smart appropriate designs of wheelchairs, advocating for policy change for persons with disabilities and developing global partnerships.   

Why We Do What We Do

According to the World Health Organization approximately 65 million people worldwide require the use of a wheelchair due to a disability. As many as 80% of those who need wheelchairs live in low income and developing regions, such as Africa. Only a small percentage of those who need a wheelchair have one, not to mention have access to other services and resources to support them with their disabilities. 

However, there’s more to it than that. Like many global social issues, the problem isn’t simple. It’s complex and multi-faceted.

  • LACK OF ACCESS: Those who need a wheelchair are often in remote and rural areas. They don’t have access to appropriate wheelchairs or support services.
  • IMPROPER FIT: Many users receive donated devices that do not fit them properly which often leads to the development of serious secondary health complications like pressure sores and severe deformities.
  • SKILLS: Wheelchair users, their caregivers and parents seldom receive critical basic health care information or training to assist them in managing their health, disability and their wheelchairs.
  • NON-COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARDS: Few donated wheelchairs meet WHO’s definition of “appropriate”.
  • INSUFFICIENT DATA: Adequate and compelling evidence supporting best practice, economic impact and improved quality of life needs to be collected to inform and influence policy makers and funders.
  • RIGHTS NOT SUPPORTED: Government policies are not translating into practice nor supporting the rights of this vulnerable population.


What We Do

Uhambo USA addresses the problem at every level by providing superior programs. Our solutions include:

  • Appropriate Products & Services that are aligned with the WHO Guidelines
  • Education, Awareness & Partnership Development
  • Economic Development for People with Disabilities 
  • Research to produce evidence that will inform policy- and decision-makers

Programs & Activities

 Please click on our Projects Page to learn more about our current activities and goals.