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The Vision for Places of Light

True North's dream is to see established places of light, nurture, learning and safety for all children.
We work alongside the vrygrond and Ovecome communities, close to Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa.
Together with the community we are on a mission to set a new standard for the education of the pre-school children and their caregivers to assume the fullness of their God-given potential.

Insight into Vrygrond and Overcome

Vrygrond and Overcome are home to approximately 44 000 people andlike many other poor communities in South Africa, experience a breakdown of family structure and the lack of access to quality opportunities.

This has resulted in approximately:

  • 72% of adults not having a high school qualification
  • 77% of families earning less than R3 200 per month
  • 66% of children aged 0-5 years not havinf access to early childhood development opportunities and often experiencing lack of primary caregiving and nutrition, as well as, trauma from explosure to violence and abuse.

From Here to There.....

True North's Rainbow Development Framework (RDF) helps guide each preschool towards becoming a place oflight and measures the progress towards the new standard of excellence.

Each preschool's journey through the 7 stages ofthe RDF takes them from "HERE to THERE":

  • HERE - being an illegal, unregistered entity to THERE - a preschool that is registered and recognized by the Department of Social Development.
  • HERE - being a preschool with limited financial resources and educational stimulation to THERE - becoming a financially sustainable preschool providing quality development opportunities to children in their care
  • HERE - having caregivers with various limitations to THERE - caregivers who ar more confident, empowered, knowledgeable caregivers who recognize their God -given potential.

Bridging the GAP from "Here to There"

To bridge the gap from here to there we guide the preschool principals and teachers through a variety of developmental opportunities by facilitating the following:

  • Personal and Early Childhood Developement training, which gives the principals and teachers more confident , knowledge, and ideas to share with the children.
  • Prividing safety, educational and nutritional resources, so that children, principals and teachers can thrive and actively engage in activities.
  • Relational On-site support from qualified coaches so that the principals and teachers can feel encouraged and empowered to implement what they have learnt.
  • Access to a network of connections with NGO's,volunteers, the government, funders and connections between the preschools. This collaboration of resources and information sharing ensures sustainability.

Highlights from the last 3 years (2015-2017)

  1. We have gone from reaching 1198 to 1704 children and increase of 42%.
  2. 3 Preschools became legally registered with the Department of Social Development
  3. We have equipped preschools with resources and building infrastructure to the value of R1 718 701 to ensure safety, learning and legality.
  4. We have facilitated, through partnerships, 1 meal everyday to 1059 children to the approximate value of R2 140 503.
  5. 28 principals and teachers have qualified with an NQF level at the local college, an increase of 24%. This means that 49% of all the teachers and principals in the community are now qualified.

Our aim for the next 3 years (2018-2020) is

  1. To reach 2500 children (50% of all the children aged 0-5 in the community)
  2. To register another 3 preschools with the Department of Social Development.
  3. To provide ECD resources and building infrastructure to 30 preschools to the value of R5721 808.
  4. To facilitate, through partners, 1 meal everyday to 2500 children to the apporximate value of R3 675 000
  5. To see another 30 ECD teachers recieve their accredited ECD teachers qualification from the local college to ensure that 74% of the principals and teachers in the comunity are qualified.

We believe that it is because of the consistent and focused relational guidance and love that the leaders have become more aware of their own value and the value of the children in the community.
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