Charity profile

TRADE-MARK is a pioneering on-line marketplace giving home-owners and businesses access to the most exceptional township artisans.

We are a non-profit organisation (registered as a Trust) that connects the best tradespeople - painters, pavers, carpenters and tilers - in the townships with those who require their services in the greater Cape Town area. We have a rigorous selection process and a performance monitoring system that ensures both accountability and the highest quality service.

We are all about breaking down the barriers to success for tradesmen in the townships and low-income communities.

Our Vision is a South Africa in which:

  • people’s quality of life is determined more by hard work, diligence and integrity than the economic situation they are born into
  • these qualities are recognised and rewarded and not masked by people’s preconceptions
  • members of our society lead by example and play an active role in bettering this country
  • the gap between the rich and poor is continually being narrowed.

Our Mission is to:

  • handpick highly skilled and diligent tradesmen (painters, pavers, tillers and carpenters) who live in townships
  • invest in them as leaders and role models in their communities (through additional skills training)
  • create marketing opportunities for them to grow their individual businesses
  • encourage South Africans to become proactive in improving our country by offering them attractive choices to spend their money in the communities most in need