Charity profile

The Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF) is committed to healthy, vibrant communities flourishing in God’s presence.

We are working with communities and churches to create access for vulnerable people to social, housing, economic and spiritual resources that will empower them and integrate them fully into local urban communities.

The work of TLF has grown significantly over the past 5 years. More than 600 people are accommodated in our housing facilities per night; we provide support more than 1,300 orphans or vulnerable children are supported by us and our partners,

To sustain the work and to ensure quality services and care, we need partners that will support and strengthen us through prayer, emotional and moral support, and financial contributions.

Did you know?

· We have created 4 institutions, 5 divisions & 12 programmes

· We have started 10 small enterprises

· We have 13 properties under management

· We have 129 employees

· 28 new jobs were created in 2010-2011

· We have 150 volunteers per annum

· We serve 1,000 people per month through our outreach programmes,

drop-in centres, residential facilities, educational facilities and other support programmes

· We house 650 people every night of the year

· We have invested into housing infrastructure valued at R 87 million and in social infrastructure well over R 200 million